NOIR ® activated charcoal has made teeth whitening easier than ever. Trying to whiten your teeth using black stuff sounds incredibly weird; we know. But our 100% Vegan teeth whitening charcoal is not your regular teeth whitener. Noir not only brightens up your smile, but it also increases your overall dental wellbeing. With a blend of nature and science, Teeth Noir brightens your dazzling smile, promotes healthy gums, gives you a minty fresh breath, reduces the evil plaque, and protects your enamel, making it one of the best teeth whitening formulas in the world.

This Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitener by has been exclusively designed for whitening and treating yellow teeth. Our unique nature and science blend is a natural teeth whitener option for those seeking a visibly vibrant smile and mesmerising teeth.

We understand you are fed up of stubborn stains including those from coffee and tea. Instead of giving up on your favourite drinks or using the expensive teeth bleaching kits which could possibly harm your body, our 100% vegan, safe to use activated charcoal teeth whitening formula allows your teeth to take the fast, yet natural teeth whitening path. The Activated Coconut regulates the ph levels in your mouth, effectively killing off any harmful bacteria that could cause tooth decay or give you bad breath. Thanks to nature’s gift of activated charcoal, you no longer need to spend your money on multiple teeth whitening products such as the uncomfortable teeth whitening strips or the “best home teeth whitening kit” you see on TV.

Our products have been tested and certified to the highest industry standards there could be. Teeth Noir not just gives you healthy white teeth. We believe we do more than that. We endeavour to make you a more confident person and aim to create and promote a healthy lifestyle around the Teeth Noir brand. We strive to make home teeth whitening a joy for everyone.

Perfect for eliminating discolouration and tartar without weakening the enamel of your teeth,

NOIR ® Teeth Whitening is your ideal natural teeth whitening home kit. Our products are suitable for daily use and safe for children over 5 years.